Iri-Ji Festival Early Bird tickets are now on sale vis link https://tinyurl.com/Icsn-Iriji-2017-Eb

WHO WE ARE: ICSN stands for the Igbo Cultural and Support Network and put simply we are a proud non-profit organisation that was founded in 1998 by the wonderful Umunne Olie as a forum to empower young Igbo people living in diaspora. ICSN is a hub for young professional Igbo’s aged between 18 to 40 years living, studying or working in the diaspora.

Our tag Line is “Igwebike, Udo na Oganiru” which when translated into  means “Unity is Strength, Peace and Progression”.

ICSN is proudly the largest Igbo Union not only in the UK but in Europe with over 2,500 members and counting. Here is a quick video highlighting what we are all about.

WHAT WE DO: Each year ICSN is run but a team of its members called Executives. Our Executive volunteer a year of their time and are responsible for putting together and organising our monthly social and cultural events between April through to March.


OUR EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES:  We at ICSN have a very electic mixture of members so we actively try to put on different events and activities  monthly that appeal to our members. We have a mixture of Monthly Events (such as our Monthly General House Meeting’s aka GHM’s, Monthly Book Club) , Random Mini Socials (such as trampoling, bowling, football, film club, member only dinners), and Major Social Events (such as Summer BBQ’s, Reunion Dinners, Iri-Ji Festivals, Christmas Party, Valentine’s Ball) which are all great events aimed at making it easier to mix and network with like minded Igbo people. To ensure you stay updated on all our events sign up to our mailing list now

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OUR NEXT MONTHLY MEETING: Sunday 8th October 2017


OUR NEXT MAJOR SOCIAL EVENT :  Our next social event will be our ICSN Annual Iri-Ji Festival. Which will be on Saturday 14th October 2017. The will be a entertainment packed events with lots of games, music, awards, dance performances, masquerades, High Life Band and so much more. This event is the jewel in our crown and is truly the one event to no be missed.

Early Bird tickets are now on sale vis link https://tinyurl.com/Icsn-Iriji-2017-Eb

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ICSN OCTOBER  BOOK CLUB & BOOK SWAP: The next book we will be reviewing will be Chris Abani “Graceland”.

ICSN Book Club and Book Swap Posters


ICSN BRIDGING THE GAP: We at ICSN know that we sit between two major generations the young and the older generations. We believe that it is not only important but that it is our responsibility to use our platform to help bridge the gap between the different generations

Bridging the Gap Webseries:This is our way of having open discussions and dialogues with members from the Older Igbo Communities to talk about topics and issues that effect and impact us. This is for us and for others a great way to see how two generations view things but most importantly to see areas that join us. To put yourself forward to be part of the next eposide send us an email admin@icsn.co.uk

BECOME A MEMBERICSN has only survied this long due to the hard work and dedication from our members over the last 19 years, put simply our events would not be as amazing as they are if we didnt have people regularly commit small amounts of their time each month to keep our Igbo community going. Becoming a member is very easy. Our membership only a one of cost of £35 which last a whole 12 months.  Click here to become a member


This tenure we have taken up membership perks to a higher level by partnering up with some business that are will to give our members discounts on their products and services.







To access these discounts you have to have a digital membership card which is free for all paid members. To get one created literally only requires two minutes of your time to complete send over to us via email admin@icsn.co.uk

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Igbo States of Origin
  • Igbo Langauge Level Beginner/Intermediate/Fluent or Advance
  • A clear recent headshot of yourself

And we will simply do the rest. Please note the sooner we receive your information the sooner we can process your Membership Cards. So don’t delay. Annual membership is only £35 https://goo.gl/BwfYaE

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