Njideka- Administrative Executive

Administrative Executive – Njideka Denz:

njy What is the meaning of your Igbo name and what State are you from? 
Thank God for whatever you have. I’m from Anambra state.

What Executive position do you hold and what does your role involve?
Admin exec, which involves being responsible for taking minutes at meetings, being organised, keeping on top of things and helping out as and when needed.

What motivated you to run to be part of the exec? 
My friend was running and I did want to run but I was a bit sceptical. I decided to run because I believe I have the knowledge and skills to execute this role and I am a team player.

Surprise me with an unusual random fact about yourself?  
Growing up in Nigeria, I had about 10 cats at one point, hence, why I love cats and no I’ll never be a cat lady.

Name three attributes/values in others that are important to you and why?
Honesty, trustworthiness and ambition are all important attributes that we should all aspire to have.