Isioma- Cultural Executive

What is your Igbo name? Isioma. 
What is the meaning of your Igbo name? It means good head/ sensible/ lucky girl. 
What State are you from? Enugu State. 
Do you speak Igbo? If yes, how would you describe your skill level? If not, do you plan to learn?  
I’m somewhere between beginner and intermediate. I understand Igbo well and just need to practice speaking it more. 
Most memorable experience from a visit to Nigeria?
I was born in London yet I’m really fond of Nigeria, as some of my best childhood memories are of my adventures when I living in Lagos for 6 years. I treasure those memories of my school days in Nazareth and when my brother and I used to play in our compound, dancing, telling stories and performing to our brazilian neighbours. 
What do you do for work? 
I write and direct theatre plays. I also teach in a secondary school. 
How did you get into this line of work? 
I trained as a writer at the Royal Court Theatre and as a director at the Young Vic and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. 
Most challenging aspect to your work? 
Competition for the little opportunities that are available for BAME artists. Trying to teach children that are disruptive in class. 
How long have you been a member of ICSN? 
On and off, for about 2 years. 
How did you first hear about ICSN and why did you decide to come? 
Through friends. 
What has been your favourite meeting, event or experience at ICSN this and why? 
Iri Ji festivals, learning the Igbo traditional dance and language and summer BBQ. It’s been amazing to learn more about my Igbo culture in a fun way. 
One thing that you think ICSN is best at? 
Successfully promoting the Igbo culture and livelihood. 
One thing that you think ICSN could improve on? 
Reaching the younger generation and encouraging them to get involved. 
What motivated you to run as an Exec? 
I’ve always been thankful for ICSN from the first day I attended a GHM meeting. I’ve learnt a lot from others that have dedicated their time to make this organisation what it is and wanted to contribute something back. 
What do you plan to do within your role over the past year? What plans do you have for this year? 
My role is essentially to help ICSN make the most of it’s cultural presence. Expect to see a lot more about our Igbo culture through our festivals, language schools, cooking and dance classes and a professional theatre production. 
It’s an honour to serve ICSN and I’ll make sure my work is done with excellence.