Emeka- Assistant Network Director

Assistant Network Director – Emeka Egbuonu:


What is the meaning of your Igbo name and what State are you from? 

God has done a lot. I am from Anambra state.

Give me one of your favourite hobbies? 
I love to write and to read. Playing football and table tennis are things I love to do regularly. Challengers for table tennis are welcome.

Surprise me with an unusual random fact about yourself?  
I hate cheese. Why would anyone want to eat cheese.

Name three attributes/values in others that are important to you and why?
Three attributes that are important for me to see in others. Firstly, Respect is a key thing for me. Nobody likes to feel disrespected and making a conscious effort to respect others is vital. Secondly, ambition, having goals are important, it is what keeps us moving forward. Being around people that are ambitious can be very infectious, it makes you want to be strife for more and to better yourself.