Chike- Network Director

Network Director – Kenneth Chike Obiakpani:

What is the meaning of your Igbo name and what State are you from? 

God’s power. I’m from Delta [Bendel state].

What motivated you to run to be part of the exec? 
Been a member for 4 years and on the Executive team for 2 terms. I felt it was necessary to share my vision of what I believe ICSN can become.

Give me one of your favourite hobbies? 
Chess – I play chess. My mother taught me when I was 7/8 years and have never looked back. It’s my mind ‘workout’ – sharpens my mental focus and let’s me relax and chill when I have other things on my mind.

If you were deserted in the desert and allowed three items what would they be and why?
i) My iPad – it has everything I need to get out of the desert.
Ii) A camel – will need a form of transport to get out of the desert.
iii) A picture of my girlfriend – as a reminder of what I’m looking forward to when I get out of the desert and get home.