Chidera – Assistant Network Director

What is your Igbo name?

Afa’m bu Chidera 

What is the meaning of your Igbo name?

When God says Yes, no man can say no. In other words, destined/it’s written. 

What State are you from? Enugu

Do you speak Igbo? If yes, how would you describe your skill level? If not, do you plan to learn
Yes, i am very fluent. 

Most memorable experience from a visit to Nigeria.
Hmm i don’t have any. All my experience are all memorable. 

What do you do for work?

Key recovery worker with Ex-offenders

How did you get into this line of work?

Onye ma onye nkea. Basically, making good use of my networks. 

Most challenging aspect to your work?
Dealing with hardcore ex-offenders. 

How long have you been a member of ICSN? 2yrs

How did you first hear about ICSN and why did you decide to come? Online 

What has been your favourite meeting, event or experience at ICSN and why?
BBQ and iri-ji

One thing that you think ICSN is best at? 
Connecting Igbos in a range of ways and educating us about our culture.

One thing that you think ICSN could improve on?

Encouraging all to feel they own ICSN and not just the execs 

What motivated you to run as an Exec?

ICSN is a great organisation and I’m interested in uniting with my fellow igbos. Also, it gives us the opportunity to learn more about our culture. 

What do you plan to do within your role over the past year? What plans do you have for this year? 
My plans is to bring young igbo’s living in the UK together as one. A si’na igwebuike – There is strength in unity.