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Normally when you find yourself in a group of Igbo people you will in no doubt hear the words “Igbo Kwenu”. A common linguistic translation may help us to understand the phrase in more detail. The term “Igbo” refers to Igbo people – men and women of all ages of tradition and modernism. On its own, “Kwenu” as a word refers to agreement, endorsement, solidarity, unity, boundedness, strength, collective will.

The conception of the idea to stay together as a community and act as one is very important for us and the preservation of the Igbo culture. The Igbo see the fact that to stay united in a direction or course of action will bring a shared honour to them (when one of us wins we all win). Therefore, we value strongly to come together at all times. Coming together is deterministic and central to everything we do. In gathering of all sorts, namely marriage, rituals, celebrations, age grade meetings, war, wrestling, hunting, and village political affairs, the Igbo assert their emotions and psychology together through calls to order of solidarity such as invoking the “Igbo Kwenu.” Today, the Nigerian political class come up with all sorts of slogans not far from the culturally enhanced idiom of “Igbo Kwenu.” When someone is to speak to an issue, he will call to order the gathered Igbo to listen to him through the application or summon of “Igbo Kwenu.”

Traditionally, when a person among the gathered group intends to speak and has masterly and skilfully summoned attention with “Igbo Kwenu,” he/she is automatically granted audience. “Igbo Kwenu” is a supreme call to attention and order to speak in a culturally appropriate way. Once the “Igbo Kwenu” is announced and responded to, all ears will listen, at least momentarily to the person who surely will stand out and speak to them. His/her idea, point of information and facts, contribution and oratory skill will determine how much attention they will command. The Igbo can be noisy in public meeting sessions. Being noisy while discussing public affairs is not easily understood by the non-Igbo. Speaking out loud and clear is a well cherished Igbo cultural feature. It is not merely seen or viewed as shouting or yelling, rather as a form of strength of communication and emphasis.


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Our Kwenu newsletter was created as a way of being the voice of our members and our community. It is a monthly article that is managed and distributed by our Kwenu Executive.

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Each edition of Kwenu newsletter has different categories, and due to the nature of society and trends no two editions are ever the same which keeps things fun and fresh for our audience. Typical Kwenu editions will include;

  • Review of previous GHM (for those that might have missed it)
  • Sign posting theme for up-coming GHM
  • Spotlight for a current Executive
  • Spotlight on a current ICSN member
  • Spotlight on an Igbo Business with Interview of owner.
  • Highlighting any upcoming ICSN events
  • Highlighting any Igbo cultural events
  • Highlighting any events being hosted by any ICSN members
  • Lifestyle (Life-hacks)
  • Food Reviews
  • Restaurant Reviews

If you or someone you know would have to have an article featured within an upcoming Kwenu newsletter contact is via email



Shining a light is something that we have brought in with this tenure. It is all about us as an executive team actively cascading stories, articles and activities about Igbo people back home and worldwide.

We know that we at ICSN have a well-recognised global brand and with that it means that we are members of several Igbo organisations so we are privy to a lot of information which does not always make it to the mainstream platforms.

With that in mind this year we are actively selecting which elements of information we believe that all our members and supports should be aware off especially the ones that have the potential to impact our unity and growth as Igbo people.

Now ultimately we will not share every single store. However if there is a story or movement that you are passionate about that you would like us to share with our members kindly send us an email if you could also attach any evidence or correspondents (Please no graphic images) just so we can validate the stories ourselves.


promoteWe at ICSN are always looking for individuals and businesses that are trying to venture out and chase their dreams, for us as Igbo people to own your own business and to be successful in it is the ultimate goal.

With over 6,500 potential supporters that have constant access to our website and social media pages having an article within our Kwenu newsletter could be a fantastic stepping stone in growing your brand internationally.

If you or anyone you know has a business and would like to have your business promoted or have an interview about you and your business then contact us at where one of our executives can arrange a proper interview with you so we can position your business and brand perfectly within our media channels.


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