General House Meeting


As a community we are committed to supporting and developing one another. Our main initiative to support this consistently is through our monthly meetings which call our General House Meetings also referred to as our Monthly GHM’s.


We hold our General meetings on the 2nd Sunday of the month (Unless otherwise stated).

To keep things fun, fresh and engaging each GHM has a theme for Example “The Evolution of Igbo Music”, “Igbo Relationships” , “The Igbo View on Mental Health” etc.


GHM’s are run completely by members within our executive team that will suggest or come up with a theme that they are passionate about or believe that our members would appreciate.


After a theme has been selected they would typically spend up to 4-6 weeks pulling the content together, including any necessary market research that is required to help bring their content to life for our audience.

IMG_1197Our normal activities during the meetings include;

  • Igbo Cultural Presentations
  • Debates
  • Quizzes
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Open mic sessions
  • Debates and discussions,
  • Business networking opportunities
  • Business or Event promotion opportunities
  • Special guest invites and other public announcements     Or £5 at the door for everyone else.

Entry to our GHM’s is free for our fully paid members (membership only cost £35 for 12 months)

Remember our GHM’s are a great way of reaching our Igbo community.

IMG_1375If you or anyone you know is interested in being a Guest speaker or doing a performance during an upcoming GHM please contact us via email giving us a brief description of what you would like to present and one of our Executives will get back to you.

Guest Speakers/ Performer have ranged from, Authors, Spoken word artists, Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speakers, Counsellors, Musicians, Charities, and People making positive moves within the Igbo community. Ultimately it is fantastic platform for unearthing hidden Igbo talent.

IMG_1526All of which come with a modern Igbo twist that makes it relevant to our members today

Venue: Score Centre, 100 Oliver Road, Leyton, London. E10 5JY
Time: 6pm -9pm