Film Club

film club

“How many times has a film been released in the cinema that you were excited to go and see…but just never around to watching it?” and before you know it, it is no longer in the cinema. We at ICSN know that some of our member absolutely love films, but at times do not have either the time or the social circle to go to the cinema as often as they would like to.

Our film clubs provides our members with a rare opportunity to be part of something fun, creative and sociable.

Our film club, like our book club, is an intimate and informal gathering where people can encounter ideas, experiences and emotions that may not be everyday topics of discussion but which shape all our lives.

Film is a vast vault of stories stretching back one hundred years, across every continent and told in every language. It is an extraordinary cultural asset that we have, but we do not always recognise or appreciate it,

Cinema, like theatre, was originally a social act – a collective spectatorship of a story played out upon a stage or screen. Sitting together, but apart, in the darkness and the warmth was integral to the experience. Many people experience film quite differently now and viewing is often an isolated act – on computers and phones. Our film club is changing that because ultimately we at ICSN aim to bring not only our members but our community back together as being in isolation is not good for individual well-being. For many, it is a rare moment of calm and together

Similar to our book club our film club at the end has a moment of reflection time, this is a great way to touch base and to analysis what elements stood out for people as individuals and discuss our individual likes and dislikes.  Film truly is a universal language; it has the advantage of crossing cultural boundaries with ease. Film club audiences are often vertically grouped which can make for interesting post-screening debate.

Film club typically happens once a month (Last Friday of each month).

The film to be watched is often decided by members within the Executive team. However if you would like to nominate a film for an upcoming film club please send us an email to

Film Club- Special Premier Screening

film club 2

We at ICSN are very pleased to have very talented members.

Every so often we get invited to screening premiers (Nollywood Movies, Plays, and Live Performances etc)

Typically these events cost a little bit more than a standard cinema ticket but it is great because we get to mix and mingle with industry movers and shakers, so is a fantastic networking opportunity for those that are interested.

If you have an upcoming event or screening you would like ICSN to attend or publicise then get in contact with us at