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We at ICSN understand that not all our members are fans of large group activities. We have a wonderful selection of members that love to read and discuss books. So in 2015 ICSN launched its very first book club.book1We use our book club as a platform for them to not only come together but most importantly we also use it as an opportunity to discover and promote Igbo books by Igbo Authors.book2During our book club we use encourage our members express their thoughts, opinions, likes, and dislikes about what they 3Additional benefits for joining our book club:

  1. Get you out of your comfort zone

Everyone normally has a preferred style or genre of books that they prefer to read. The beautiful thing about our book club is that each month we actively try to find books by different Igbo authors to help change the narrative. Every genre has something to offer you and so does every Igbo author.

  1. Opportunity to really discuss the book

Ever read a part in a book and wished you could get someone else view on what just happened and how it made you feel, but then you have to patiently wait for them to catch up with you and they might not be as passionate about the book or the characters as you are.  Well guess what our book club is exactly what you need.

Just like in school or during conversations with your friends a debate could erupted where excellent and contentious points were made by all. As we get older debates like this do not happen as often which at times can be frustrating and there is only so much debates you can have with anonymous people online.

  1. Active, Rather Than Passive Reading

During the working day we are forced to read through numerous amounts of texts and for those that commute to and from work you often find yourself reading just to pass the time.

But when you become a member of our book club knowing that when we meet up we will be talking about particular scenes and characters you find yourself paying more attention to things that are and are not being said.

You will also notice that when you are actively listening the information stays more in your long term memory, resulting in better quality conversations and interactions.

  1. You start to think like a writer

It can be very easy for a writer or those considering entering this industry to fall into a comfort zone trap, which means we have to test the boundaries of our taste. By reading and openly discussing other peoples work it helps you gain crucial market insight from fellow Bookaholic.

Just like when you’ve written a story, it is always good to step away and reread it. Ask yourself the same questions that we would ask during our book club such as does this storyline work? Does this ending satisfy every narrative thread and character arc that has been created so far? What exactly would the audience expected?

These are the questions that will help any writer elevate themselves to the next level—from a dabbler to a serious writer.

Story telling ultimately is connecting through stories is a human experience going back to the dawn of our four-fathers as a way of passing on our history. We believe our own reading for pleasure can be enhanced by other people who’ve experienced the same book, in a slightly more formal setting than your average coffee shop conversation (though by all means, continue having those as well).book 4By us coming together to understanding how other authors and texts work independently and collectively, will help us to know how these stories impacted our people then and now, it is also essential to our own storytelling toolkit, and this knowledge isn’t completely rounded until we see multiple viewpoints, multiple opinions, and multiple experiences.

If you are an Igbo author or would like to nominate a future book for our book club then please contact us via email where one of our executives will get in contact with you.


Venue: Caffe Nero

Address: 126 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 5AT

Time: 7pm -8.30pm


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Euston Square- London Underground Station (Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan) – 5 minute walk to venue

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