ICSN Iri- Ji Festival

Iri-Ji (New Yam Festival) is one of the most significant cultural events of the Igbo people for it marks the end of a farming cycle and the beginning of another.iri7The Iri-Ji festival encapsulates the cultural and spiritual connections of the seven Igbo speaking states within Nigeria: Imo, Abia, Enugu, Anambra, Delta, Ebonyi and Rivers.irichefsYam is the staple food of most West African countries especially Nigeria and Ghana and in particular the Igbo people of Nigeria. Yam planting and harvesting define the life cycle of the people. The festival therefore has important cultural and spiritual significance for the people as it defines their survival, wealth, future and procreation. Iri-Ji is the one cultural event that unites the Igbo people from all over the world as a means of reconnecting with our roots as well as sharing our cultural heritage with our host countries.irimasThe ceremony is meant to express our appreciation and thanks to God and our ancestors for abundant harvests as well as pray for sustenance and future growthiri1 This year The Igbo Cultural and Support Network (ICSN) will be hosting our 13th Annual Iri-ji (New Yam) Festival.iri4Our Iri-ji events are always a wonderful celebration of the most beautiful aspects of our Igbo Heritage and Culture. Highlights of the evening include;

  • Food: We will be serving a variety of delicious rice, yam, meat and fish dishes.
  • Yam auctions, masquerades and cultural presentations to capture the essence of the festival
  • Special performance from our very own ICSN Dance Troupe Egwu Oganiru
  • Guest performers
  • Comedians
  • Dancing until the early hours with the DJ playing the finest in Traditional, Afrobeats, RnB, Funky House and Hip Hop
  • Awards for best dressed Male, Female and much more besides

iriWe say this every year but this is truly going to be the biggest event on our calendar and it promises to be yet another unforgettable night, and in the last 13 years we have never been wrong.