Welfare Executive

Welfare Executive is responsible for the overall well-being of all our members both present and past, as well as ensuring that all our members feel welcomed, valued and supported.


Job Description:

  • Responsible for the checking on the health and overall well-being of all ICSN members, and that all members feel welcomed and valued.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Being part of the welcoming committee at the front door for new and existing members
  • Meeting and introducing all new members to ICSN (Network Induction) (Introduce them to Network Director and Assistant Director)
  • Introducing new team members at team meetings
  • Send out check-up emails to all visitors/non-members following their first ICSN meeting.
  • Sending out Potential Member Welcome Letter on behalf of Network Director
  • Sending out health check emails to members who have missed two or more General House Meetings.
  • Should concentrate and enhance on team building.
  • Lead and drive ICSN internal mentoring programme.

If you would like to become a future Welfare Executive or have any questions or suggestions on how to enhance this role please feel free to get in contact with us via email at welfare@icsn.co.uk