Publicity Executive

The Publicity team is responsible for the promotion of ICSN and our events through all forms of media (Online, Print, Press, Radio etc). Always with the aim of raising the current profile of ICSN for our existing members by giving them something to consistently come back for as well as generating excitement for our new members and supports.

Job Description:

  • Responsible for the promotion of ICSN through all forms of media (Online, Print, Press, Radio etc)…with the aim to raise the profile of ICSN

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Capturing event highlights and sharing them with Kwenu and Website Executives (e.g. February: Topic Love, March: Topic Culture)
  • To actively source interesting articles and stories that will intrigue and excite our members
  • Should design promotional activities for raising the profile of the association’s public image.
  • To actively promote ICSN on multiple platforms
  • To ensure images used in publicity are up to date
  • Should handle all public relations work and ensure that the activities of the association are adequately publicised.
  • Should be responsible for press statements and releases subject to the consent of the Director and Executives.
  • Attending major Igbo and Cultural events with ICSN leaflets and business cards to promote the work and vision of ICSN

If you are thinking about becoming a future Publicity Executive or you have any questions or suggestions on how to enhance this role please feel free to get in contact with us via email at