Network Director

Network Director is ultimately responsible for motivating, inspiring and lending guidance to the team in order to ensure the smooth running of the organisation going forward.


Job Description:

  • Ensuring the future relevance and credibility of ICSN.
  • Overall running and management of the network and the executive team.
  • To be the head of the Network and to represent and promote ICSN.
  • Oversees the planning and implementation of all aspects of the Network.
  • Responsible for leading and directing the efforts of the overall executive team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Present at all General House Meetings to welcome all newbies.
  • Representing ICSN externally in other Igbo related meetings.
  • Should liaise with the other Igbo organisations (Locally and Internationally)
  • Sharing findings and feedback with the rest of the executive team.
  • Sending out monthly updates and reviews (following monthly team meeting).
  • Sending out personalised email to new ICSN members (within 48 hours of them joining).
  • Sending out personalised email to re-committing members (within 48 hours of re-committing).
  • Bridging the gap between from younger to older members (generation gap) through innovation.
  • Should structurally compose the agenda for each of the organisation’s events.
  • Should be a signatory to the organisation’s account.

If you are interested in becoming a future ICSN Network director or you have any questions or suggestions on how to enhance this role please feel free to get in contact with us via email at