Finance Executive

The finance co-ordinator is responsible for financial oversight of ICSN. This includes overseeing and presenting budgets, accounts and financial summaries to the team. Also ensuring money is spent wisely and for the sole purpose of ICSN


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the accounts of ICSN to ensure the network is financially functional and sustainable.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Capturing attendance from General House Meetings (From Full members) (From Welfare Exec)
  • Capturing attendance from General House Meeting (From Guest members)
  • Emailing membership confirmation letters to members (once payment has been cleared)(displaying expiry date)
  • Emailing membership renewal letters to members (during final month of membership)
  • Forwarding New Members details to Network Director (once payment has been cleared)
  • Forwarding Renewed members details to Network Director (once payment has been cleared)
  • Taking payments from Guest Members during GHM and capturing payment method on Excel document (Cash, PayPal etc)
  • Monthly Excel document showing in-comings and out goings (to be shared with the Executive Team at the end of each month) including things like Venue costs etc.
  • Monthly Excel document showing number of new and renewed memberships (to be shared at the end of each month with the Executive Team)
  • Capturing event ticket sales and by whom on Excel document
  • Updating Excel document Event Shopping List with Executive Team (Especially leading up to Annual events) (i.e. CamScanner)
  • Ensuring that ICSN movements and events are financially feasible
  • Ensuring projects and events fall within budget (using data from previous events)
  • Ensuring payments of schools are passed onto correct parties
  • Where possible provide money saving solutions

If you are interested in becoming our future Finance Executive or you have any questions or suggestions on how to enhance this role please feel free to get in contact with us via email at