L.O.V.E Fundraising Party

Fundraising-EventGiving Something Back is a huge part of our DNA within ICSN. We are fully aware that we have an opportunity to use our platform for changing the lives of our fellow Igbo people either here or back in Igboland.

With the majority of our members being first or second generation Igbo in the UK we value the importance of giving something back. Several times throughout the financial year we organise participate in fundraisers events, however in addition to us as individuals part taking in local marathons, and fundraising events every year during the month of February we host our very own L.O.V.E Fundraising Party which is aimed at raising money for a specific Igbo Charity or Organisation that is working on ways to help our people back in Igboland.

How our members help us raise money is through ticket sales and individual donations.  We charge our members for our tickets typically £15 and once we have deducted our event costs (Venue and DJ) 100% of our profits are passed on to our chose charity during our March GHM where we present them with a check.

In addition leading up to our L.O.V.E party we also encourage our members to contribute whatever they can afford to help us towards our greater cause.

To keep it fair throughout the year we are constantly looking for charities that we can support and we actively try to support different charities from different Igbo states.

If you would like to our official sponsor for our L.O.V.E Fundraising Party to be included within our PR and Marketing Campaigns please contact us at business@icsn.co.uk as every penny we can save and put towards raising for our charities really goes a long way in changing people’s lives.

In addition if you work for or know an Igbo charity either here or in Igboland that you would like to nominate to be this year’s Fundraising Charity then please contact us with your charity details to welfare@icsn.co.uk and one of our Executive’s will be in touch to get more details from you.