Annual Reunion Dinner

Typically during the month on May each year we at ICSN host our Annual Reunion Dinner.

IMG_3198This is an event aimed at bringing together our previous executives/ members and our newer executives/ members who might have never had an opportunity to meet before, and share and swap their stories of ICSN then and now.IMG_3239We appreciate these interactions as it is always great to be reminded about just how far ICSN has evolved which we can at times forget because we get so caught up in how things are now, and as the saying goes to know where you are going you must know your past.IMG_3262We tend to find a restaurant (preferably Nigerian) that can caterer for our Igbo pallet.

Food typically consists of Fried rice, Jollof rice, Fried Plantain, Egusi Soup, Boiler Chicken, Soft Chicken, Gizzard to name but a few things. We also try to caterer for those who have dietary requirements such as (Vegans) as long as we are given enough notice.IMG_3325After we have all finished eating we then are all invited to dance the night away (typically at the same venue)IMG_3393We could be better than Great Food, Great Conversations, Networking and finally Great Music. Our reunion dinner has it all, and always has a great energy and is the perfect way to start our social calendar for the new tenure.IMG_3566If you have an Igbo restaurant that you would like to nominate for us to use for our next Reunion Dinner then feel free to contact us via email