Annual General Meetings- AGM

Once a year typically the 3rd Sunday of March we host Our Annual General Meeting also referred to as our AGM is exclusively for only our fully paid members (full membership can be purchased here or can be paid on entry at the door)
reviewOur AGM’s are completely different to our General House Meetings. For during our annual meeting this is where the performance of the Executive Team is renewed by our members and a new team is voted in to look after ICSN for the next 12 months.

Typical AGM Structure:

Part 1: Review Old Executive Team

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Individual Performance and Role Reviews (for all Executives) with Q&A
  • Finance Review (with Q&A)
  • Network Director and Assistant Network Director Review (with Q&A)
  • Executive Team Top-Tips going forward.
  • Brief Networking Break

volunteer_3D_peoplePart 2: Vote in New Executive Team

  • Voting slips are handed out
  • Members nominate themselves for roles within the Executive Team (Deliver a speech)
  • Brief vote counting break
  • Winners are announced

We at ICSN believe is full transparency especially from people that our members have voted in. We really are a democracy. So during the first part of our AGM this is where the current and exiting executive team come together and present back to our members their successes and well as their areas of future improvement.

ballotICSN is run completely of the back of our memberships, sponsorship and any money we potentially make from our events such as Iri-Ji. Due to this fact the finance review during the AGM is very important as the Executives are responsible for every single penny that we spend so we are prepared to showcase this information with our members, highlighting our profits and any potential loses we have incurred (typically from unprofitable events).volunteers_neededAs a community this sharing of best practice is fundamental to ensure that each year does not end up making the same costly mistakes as the previous years. Also this is an opportunity for members who are considering joining the Executive team to ask more questions about what each role entitles and what would be expected from them to do it justice.

The second part of our AGM’s is when our members have an opportunity to actively contribute to the development and continuation of ICSN. (Only fully paid members can put themselves forward to become Executives).

To make the voting process fair everyone on arrival is given a voting slip and a pen which has a space for all the executive positions.

Then role by role each position is announced and any candidates that want to run will have to stand up at the front of the meeting room and deliver their speech as to why members should vote for them as well as what skills they believe they can bring to the table. Speeches are typically between 2-5 minutes long. Some roles are more popular than others. In some cases current executives will re-run for either the same role or a different one but no one is every given a role they all have to be voted in.

Candidates looking to go for the role of ICSN Network Director can only do so if they have served at least once as a previous Executive team. We believe that this rule is fair because only once you have served as an Executive will you know and appreciate what it takes to not only lead a team but to also appreciate the amount of work and energy is required to make each month and event successful.

After all candidates and roles have been nominated all votes and collected in our ballot box and are taken away and counted by members of our subcommittee (typical previous execs) to prevent vote tempering.

Finally winners and the number of votes they have received are announced and the New Executive Team is created.

To help the new team transition into their roles typically within the next 5 days of being voted in each role will have a formal or informal handover meeting where knowledge, best practice and key information is handed over from the previous position holder (such as passwords, contacts etc).

This handover process makes things easier for the new executives especially those that have never served within ICSN before so that they do not go into things completely blind. If you would like more information about becoming a member of ICSN feel free to contact us via email and one of our executives will get in contact with you.


Venue: Score Centre

Address: 100 Oliver Road, Leyton, London. E10 5JY

Time: 6pm -9pm