Cooking School


(Okra Soup)                                          


(Jollof Rice)                                     


(Egusi Soup)

We Igbo people are known for our love of food, and there is nothing we love more than eating our native dishes, which have the power to instantly transport us back home and to our childhoods.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Our members and supports have been they have been looking for avenues for them to learn how to cook and make traditional Igbo cuisines (Especially for those who might not have the personal connections and links available locally to teach them about making Native Igbo Foods).

To meet this growing interest/demand made by both Igbo’s and Non-Igbos living in the UK we at ICSN proudly constructed our very own Igbo Cooking School.

Our cooking school is a delightful 6 week course which targets the most popular/commons Igbo dishes eaten by our people. This is simply a perfect opportunity for you to release your Inner Native Chef within.

No matter what your current level of cooking is The ICSN Cooking School is all about teaching people to cook delicious Igbo and Nigerian delicacies such as Egusi soup, Ofe nsala, Yam, Jollof rice, Fried rice, Oha soup, Abacha, Nkwobi, Moi-Moi and Pepper soup

As well at typical snacks and treats consumed across Igboland such as Suya, Puff-Puff and Chin-Chin. This course is all about helping you to evolve within the kitchen.

To ensure that our students are getting the best value for money we use a mixture of both Professional and Personal chefs whom with a combination of over 30 years of catering experience who will teach our cooking school students in a professional fully equipped kitchen their tricks of the stage.

Our chefs give our students a very detailed step by step guide on how to prepare and cook these delicious Igbo dishes which they can take home and have as a life skill to share with their friends and family to really “Wow” friends and family with popular dishes from the heart of Igboland

The class is suitable for everyone regardless of your ability.


Cooking School Syllabus:

Our six week syllabus looks like this:

Week One: Ingredient Identification and Safety & Sanitation

Week Two: Stew, Jollof Rice and Fried Rice

Week Three: Yam Pottage, Suya, Meat Pie and Puff Puff

Week Four: Peppersoup, Abacha and Chin-Chin

Week Five: Oha Soup and Okra Soup

Week Six: Ofe Nsala and Egusi Soup

Our 6 week cooking course cost only £85 for ICSN members and £90 for Non-members. Remember this can even been given as a gift to a friend. (A personalised Gift Card would be send to your friend of choice).

  • Interest in the next term for ICSN Cooking School has been high to avoid disappointment please register your interest and add yourself to the waiting list by emailing where someone from our team will contact you with the details and you will get priority placements.